About Me

I am Geetanjali, you can call me Geet!  I love working and I love travelling. There! I said it in the same line.

A corporate junkie since almost a decade, I discovered my love for travelling in the year 2013. And in these years, I realized that it just might be possible to juggle my professional commitments and personal ambitions. So here I am, a single girl travelling the world..One place at a time with a job in hand. And this blog chronicles just that..a little too randomly maybe! But this is not a cakewalk and that’s why I want a place which inspires us to take too much on our plate yet appreciate it all.

Why Travel Ninja?

Because it ain’t easy travelling when you aimg-20160626-wa0156re a full time employee, your mother is super possessive (a typical trait of Indian moms whose daughters are nearing their marriageable age (by the way, that starts from 21 till whenever)) and you have to juggle your middle class budget! These 3 are the reasons which alone makes travelling almost like a covert mission..the excuses, the planning, the weekend dates with maybe one more additional ‘sick leave’ etcetcetc! Hence, the Ninja’ness added to my travel ambitions!

How will this site help me?

My aim is to make a community which inspires you and me to travel INSPITE of all odds- Backpacking, weekend travelling, your own city travelling, micro adventures–travelling in any form keeps us sane in the chaos of life!

You will get the updated itineraries, travel blogs not only from me but also from my friends and family who are travelling at some part of the world which is in my wishlist. The real value for money- Upcoming travels (events calendar) through my trusted recommended groups is on the homepage, join them Solo if your leaves don’t match your friends and you really want a break!

This and more…start browsing and get moving, cos, our to-do list ain’t getting shorter!





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