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Dhauladhar Range- Why Triund is so worth it!

This has to be the most popular trek for North Indians and if you may not have been here, you would be planning to go here. I must have gone to Mcleadganj like 4 times yet Triund evaded me because of various reasons and finally this March we ended up going there quite spontaneously. Primary reason was that Mcleadganj was …

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An insight into the Yoga Capital of India..GetAway!

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This place was a revelation to me! As a part of our Rajasthan trip, Jaisalmer was our last destination and we had reserved 3 days and 2 nights here. After exploring Jaipur, …

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Let me start by confessing something which I am not very proud of- I had absolutely no idea about this place which I visited over the weekend. Though, discovery of …

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